What is power? Power is having complete control over your business communications and revenue cycle management process. It is organizing, executing and tracking everything in real time — from dynamic mail and emails, to billing statements and payments. It’s enabling your customers to securely opt-in to receive electronic communications. Power is significantly improving your entire workflow process, saving you time and money.

Power is having everything you need, in one convenient platform.

This is Expresso® by Nordis Direct.

Data-Driven Dynamic Communications

Need to manage critical communications, targeted to different consumer segments, in different markets, with different sets of disclosures? Or automatically generate and mail a printed communication if the electronic version is not opened? With Expresso, creating impactful, personalized communications for ongoing programs from your desktop has never been easier.

Actionable, Real-Time Data

Expresso® gives you the live reports and data analytics you need to make critical business decisions in real-time — and easily prove compliance when needed.

Less Vendors, Less Hassle

Expresso® puts your company’s diverse critical communication processes under a single roof — email, printing and mail — saving you time, money and resources — and providing peace of mind.

Convenient Online Bill Presentment and Payment Processing

Give your customers the convenience of securely viewing and paying bills online without the overhead and expense of maintaining your own customized payment portal and data security requirements. With Expresso Pay, you can securely deliver electronic bills and accept payments online, by phone (IVR) and via mobile device.

Market Versatility

Expresso® is flexible enough to handle a variety of electronic and printed communications for multiple markets. Here are just some of the industry communications that can be created and managed using Expresso:

  • Hospitality:
    Welcome Packages, Confirmation Letters, Itineraries, Owner Letters & Notices, Owner Bills & Statements, Marketing Materials, HOA Association Communications
  • Healthcare:
    Explanation of Healthcare Benefits, Explanation of Healthcare Coverage, Patient-Friendly Bills, Statements, Letters & Notices, Marketing Communications, HCFA Claims, Credit Letters
  • Financial:
    Bank & Credit Card Statements, Compliance Letters & Notices, Tax Forms, Loan & Mortgage Documents, Privacy Statements, Welcome Packages, Marketing Communications
  • Collections:
    Collection Letters & Notices, Financial Statements
  • Homeowners Associations:
    Annual Meeting & Proxy Mailings, Association Newsletters, Audit Financials, Budget Mailings, Candidate Solicitations, Delinquency Letters, Election Management Services, Secure On-line Voting, Maintenance Fee Statements, Special Assessment Notices


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